Why do we love Bellingham?

Some call it a curse. Some say it's political ideals. Others claim they just really love rain. But why do we really love Bellingham?

"To big to be small and too small to be big," they say. "City of subdued excitement," is another popular one. But maybe there's something other than like-minded people, chill vibes and a medium-sized community that keeps people around.

Does this look subdued? 

Bellingham is a snapshot of the pacific Northwest, boasting a whole seven exits off of the Interstate 5, many of which lead to nationally ranked scenic drives. Our community is diversified by varying professional occupations, anywhere from digital design to fine culinary. We have four evenly balanced seasons, and while we do receive a fair amount of precipitation, it's evenly balanced by consistently gorgeous summers.

The best place to eat pizza in the summer is probably in the streets.

Our community is supportive of lifestyles across the board. Bellingham is considered one of the best places to retire. The public school system excels in education and sports alike, and the highly acclaimed Western Washington University sits atop the southern district of the town. 

So, if you're among us, we hope you would attest to the claim that we are on our way to being the best town in America. And if you're just visiting - we hope you stick around.