Not Your Average Pizza--Goat Mountain Pizza

Charlie Pasquier, one of the owners of Goat Mountain Pizza.

Charlie Pasquier, one of the owners of Goat Mountain Pizza.

Goat Mountain Pizza

Owner: Charlie Pasquier

Why Bellingham? “Because there is not a better place on Earth!”

Favorite shop downtown? “That’s way too hard. Can I go with the Arts District Neighborhood as a whole?”

Near the corner of West Holly Street and Bay Street, there is a pizza shop that has some die-hard fans. For over 3 years, Charlie Pasquier and his business partner Chas Kubis have been creating unique, delicious pizza for the city of Bellingham. Charlie first started experimenting with pizza crust while living in Brussels, where he met Chas. He wanted to find the perfect combination of all the best qualities of pizza crust, so he made and tested numerous recipes. He often had neighbors and friends over for samples, and ate pizza nearly every day.

Once the decision was made to open a pizza shop in Bellingham, Charlie and Chas started thinking of names. They thought hiking Goat Mountain in the North Cascades might bring them some luck in finding a name, so they did just that. However, they went in April when the mountain was covered in snow, so they got a little lost, and darkness was approaching. The business partners ended up finding their way home and in exchange, decided to name their new business Goat Mountain Pizza.

With a love for street food (especially food you can eat with one hand), and a desire to take a simple food and make it better, Charlie produces pizzas with high-quality, wholesome ingredients. He uses responsibly raised meat and fresh local produce, which makes a huge difference in the taste of the pizza. The goal of Goat Mountain Pizza is to make high-quality food at an affordable price, while being responsible to the community with the sourcing of ingredients. Great flavor is added to pizzas by slightly modifying ingredients himself, such as smoking cheese in the shop.

One pizza that has stayed on the menu since day one is fairly simple to Charlie, but extremely popular with customers: Stilton cheese, roasted walnuts, caramelized onions, topped with arugula. Another of Charlie’s favorites is a potato bacon pizza with a shiitake white sauce. Of course, there are also the classics, like a simple pepperoni pizza. Goat Mountain also has a gluten-free crust option, and accommodates vegan diets and those with allergies. For the young, the old, and everything in between, Goat Mountain has pies aplenty!

Head on in for some great food at Goat Mountain Pizza: 215 W Holly St #101

Today's post was written by Kristin Foster, Media Intern.