Nurturing Well-being--3 Oms Yoga

Owner: Amy Robinson

Why Bellingham? "When I came here to [go to] Western, I chose it as sort of a default. But when I got here I thought, 'this where I belong.' I like that it's a small town but not too small. People are real, and generally not trying to impress one another. We just knew we wanted to live here and we were going to make this work."

Favorite shop downtown? Why? "I like Brandywine and Kombucha Town for lunch--they're local and small with healthy but tasty food, and I like the atmosphere."

As the morning sun floods in through the rustic stained glass windows of the studio, people trickle in with cheery smiles and Amy greets her students warmly. Her Intuitive Flow class that runs twice a week draws a diverse group of all ages and genders. It is her favorite class to teach because it is completely unique and different each time, adjusted according to addressing the needs of those who attend.

Over the course of seven years, 3 Oms Yoga is a place Amy has grown to love despite it starting as kind of a surprise to her. She began practicing at the YMCA 20 years ago during her time at Western. Akin to the process of meditation, it took time to warm up before making the dive into its challenges.

“It was uncomfortable at first, but I needed it,” she said.

After some time of growing her skills, she sought out training to become a teacher in 2002 in order to deepen her practice. As her following developed while renting space at various studios, the opportunity came for her to start her own business. Amy opened 3 Oms Yoga on Bay Street above the Upfront Theater. 

Though she comes from a family with business and communication degrees, Amy has learned the process of running her own studio simply by doing it. She previously worked in ecology for the National Marine Fisheries service before finding her passion in yoga. It is a business that has flourished because of the supportive community she works to continuously build around her practice.

“I paid attention to what people asked for, and [have] added teachers and classes based on those needs,” she said.

When classes grew too full at the Bay Street location, Amy decided it was time to upgrade. Last January, she began working to renovate the vast space on Cornwall Avenue next to Dragon River where they currently reside. Thanks to the services of Chuckanut Builders, Amy had her doors open for business by the end of May.

3 Oms incorporates classes for all ages and experience including: preschool, mom and baby, prenatal, seniors and power yoga (an intensive, fast-moving style accompanied by a higher room temperature to truly get the blood pumping).

With two studios, showers, a locker room, lounge area, and meditation room, 3 Oms has all the amenities and more. They also keep five massage therapists on site from Veritas Massage who lease space within the studio. Amy invites those of all levels of experience to come and dedicate time to nurturing both their mental and physical well being in a warm, hospitable environment.

“My business is a service business, and being in service to the community,” she said. “[It is about] meeting them where they are, and offering support.”

Amy strives to continually uphold a mission to build fellowship and connection through yoga, and welcomes all those who share the same values.

Visit 1319 Cornwall Avenue Suite 200 to join in on one of the many classes offered! 

Today's post was written by marketing intern Ashley Conradi.