The Second Art -- Bellingham Frameworks

Bellingham Frameworks

Owner: Paul Hemminger 

Why Bellingham? “I’m from Bellingham, but I would have chosen this place even if I wasn’t from Bellingham. Now that I’ve talked to other people, I’m appreciative this is my home. I’m fortunate to make a business that works here.”

What is your favorite shop downtown? Why? “I like Ideal, I go there for every holiday for my little gifts.”

Capturing and creating the perfect photo or work of art can be a meticulous process. The time and effort taken to create each piece calls for equal effort to be made in complimenting it with proper framing.

As a former action sports photographer, Paul has always had an appreciation for packaging photos and presenting them properly. He first became acquainted with the framing trade in the Newport Beach area of California where he met another photographer who needed help in his frame shop, Thumbs Up.  He partnered with the owner and found he loved framing pictures as much as taking them.

Drawn back to his home here in Bellingham, Paul relocated back to town where he began work at The Hang Up Gallery. He was promoted to manager of the framing department and after seven years he was given the opportunity to buy the company’s framing business, which lead to the opening of Bellingham Frameworks in 2005. 

He has served a wide range of customers over the years of owning his business, from the local hospital, university, casinos and people simply looking for a proper framing of their family portraits for their homes.

‘When it’s a more personal piece, they care enough about it to want to display it properly, and make it look as best it can,” he said.

Paul makes sure that those memories and works are complimented with a proper frame, as it’s likely on display for years to come.  “They call it the second art, framing,” he said. 

It’s a business that Paul has seen growing success in each year it tacks on. He has enjoyed all the bizarre and eccentric pieces people bring to him when large craft stores like Joann’s and Michael’s don’t have the capabilities to take it on. From a miniature Torah, melted ball of toys, to an electric guitar, Paul has challenged his framing skills to extensive new heights. 

 “I enjoy the customers the most, interacting with people and working together to get the finished product that they want,” he said.

As our title sponsor for the Downtown Trick-or-Treat this year, we thank Bellingham Frameworks for supporting us and their service to the creative community! 

Be sure to visit 1415 Cornwall Avenue in their newly remodeled space for any of your framing project needs.

Today's post was written by marketing intern Ashley Conradi.