Clothing with a Conscience--Texture Clothing

Texture Clothing

Owner: Teresa Remple

Why Bellingham? “I started in the Farmer’s Market and the people in Bellingham have been really supportive of Texture. As far as what I like, people make eye contact and say hello. I’ve always said Bellingham is my ‘living room’ because you can go into any store to just say ‘hey’ and it’s really casual.”

Favorite shop downtown? Bison Bookbinding. Carly and Kevin know how to create a beautifully serene place to shop and to just be. The colors, the custom woodworked furniture and the jazzy sounds through the speakers all make me feel good when I’m in their space.”

A welcome and cozy environment surrounds you as you walk into Teresa Remple’s shop on North State Street. There is a beautiful assortment of colors that fill Texture Clothing, which sells women’s clothing. The clothing designs are basic, classic and great for the Northwest. They can be worn to walk all day in or for casually dressing up.

Teresa has sewn since she was young, and went to night school to earn a Fashion Arts Certificate. When her father bought a condo in Bellingham and asked if she wanted to use the second bedroom as a sewing room, she set up shop and went to work. Teresa started Texture 16 years ago with a studio in Fairhaven and moved into her downtown location about 7 years ago. She now designs patterns, does production management and cuts fabric in the factory below the shop while the rest of her team runs the retail upstairs.

Teresa designs patterns for curvy women with wide hips, so her clothing fits a wide variety of people. She gets her inspiration for designs from a love for travel and a desire for good lifestyle clothing. Many of her clothes feature hidden passport pockets and material that doesn’t wrinkle easily. Whether it’s a long flight, hiking around, dancing at night, or anything in between, her designs are suitable for a range of occasions.

From the beginning, Teresa has been very environmentally conscious. Texture Clothing is a Towards Zero Waste business and Teresa practices lean manufacturing, which is a method for the elimination of waste. All of the clothing in her shop is made from sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and hemp. Hemp grows quickly, doesn’t need much water, uses no pesticides or insecticides, and is a strong fiber with wicking properties. When mixed with organic cotton, it produces a strong, soft fabric.

In order to minimize waste, Teresa cuts all the fabric for her garments herself. Unlike larger clothing manufacturers, she uses as much of each piece of fabric as possible and sells the scraps instead of throwing them out. She enjoys knowing that since she has control over the fabric, it ends up being put to good use. After she cuts it, she sends it to Seattle to be sewn, using her designs. Also part of the lean manufacturing, she is mindful of transportation costs and workflow. Teresa prides herself in her outstanding team who are dedicated, good people to work with. She is always working to make things better, but she is really pleased with how dialed-in her systems are right now, which make everything extremely efficient.

Teresa urges people, if they are looking for a gift or something special, to think about local businesses first. With a sale rack and the rest of the shop, everyone is sure to find clothing they like!

Find ‘clothing with a conscience’ at 1425 N. State Street.

Today's post was written by our Media Intern Kristin Foster.