Own Your Tomorrow--Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab

Vice President and Senior Financial Consultant: Michael Bonds

Associate Financial Consultant: Cade Akers

Why Bellingham? “What’s not to like? You can golf in the morning and ski later in the day.” (Michael) “This region is gorgeous. The outdoors focus and slower pace is great.” (Cade)

Favorite shop downtown? The Daisy Cafe (Michael) and Stone Pot Korean Restaurant (Cade)

On the fourth floor of the Crown Plaza Building, you’ll find a Charles Schwab branch that although only has two people, offers a wide range of investing and personal finance guidance, tools and products. Michael Bonds has been with the company for 17 years, but has been helping people from Bellingham to Sequim become financially fit for a little over a year now. Cade Akers joined Michael at the beginning of this year in the Bellingham branch to carry on the Schwab mission: to champion every client’s goals with passion and integrity.

In 1973, Charles Schwab started his company to empower people and demystify the industry so that people could make financial decisions on their own. This still rings true today, although over the past 40-plus years the firm has steadily added a range of products and services to provide people with advice and financial planning to help them manage their wealth. Michael and Cade are working to open relationships with clients and build them over the years and through generations. Schwab employees find the most cost-effective way to help clients meet their financial goals. By listening to and educating clients, they are helping people to become, and stay, financially healthy.

Michael and Cade pride themselves on the ethics of Charles Schwab and think highly of the company’s focus on its clients and the emphasis on financial education. “I couldn’t work for a better company,” Michael said. Helping people to become financially fit is the most rewarding experience to him, whether it’s a young person first learning about finances or a CEO who realized they need help.

Michael attributes his current situation to sheer luck. He studied and worked in construction management, rode bulls in the rodeo, and later switched to announcing at rodeos. This led to a professional announcing career, and after that, a job at a printing company where he served as the regional sales manager. Then an opportunity presented itself to Michael to become a financial consultant at Charles Schwab. He hasn’t looked back after 17 years with the company. Moving to the Bellingham branch last January was a natural fit for him since he is used to the lifestyle and social aspects of a small town.

Cade has a background in English writing and has traveled the world teaching. He first considered Charles Schwab after talking to a friend who had worked for the company. He has been with the company for 18 months now and also thinks very highly of it. He admires how they work with and hire good people with diverse backgrounds - I mean, who can argue with that, sitting in an office with an English writing major and a bull rider?

Visit the Charles Schwab branch at 114 W. Magnolia St. Suite 439

Today's post was written by our Media Intern Kristin Foster.