CSNM Vendor Spotlight--Veritas Massage Studio

Veritas Massage Studio

Owner: Traci Soriano

Why Bellingham? “Through the last 15+ years, my love of Bellingham has only grown and it is truly home. It’s special when you stop and look around, we’re in a little pristine patch of nature and in a world that is fairly progressive. I love the push for sustainability, the quirky art vibe and the family community.”

Favorite shop downtown? “I can’t pick one! Some of my favorites are Ideal, Lucky Monkey, Downtown Emporium, Clark’s Feed, Buffalo Exchange and Sojourn.”

Among the wide assortment of vendors at the Commercial Street Night Market this Friday, you’ll find a booth with warmth, relaxation and a cozy atmosphere. Owner Traci Soriano and another one of her massage therapists will create the perfect environment for massages, complete with two massage tables. Veritas Massage will combine Swedish, trigger point and compression techniques to offer people a great massage.

This is Traci’s first time as a vendor in the Night Market. She wants downtown to stay a dynamic and unique area that draws people to come shop, eat, find entertainment and of course some relaxation and self-care. “I’m excited to support and be a part of an event that does all of those things,” Traci said. She hopes to increase her name recognition while being a part of cool, fun things downtown.

Veritas Massage Studio on Cornwall Avenue provides a variety of effective and skillful therapeutic massage and bodywork. “To us, therapeutic simply means meeting people’s needs where they are at, in that moment,” Traci said. She prides herself on customizing each client’s massage to what they are feeling that day, and not doing the same routine over and over. With five massage therapists, Veritas specializes in relaxing massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage, hot stone massage, myofascial work, craniosacral therapy, infrared treatments and more.

Traci worked as a parole officer for the Washington State DOC for almost 8 years before she decided to change careers. In 1997, she found out about being a Doula and started attending births. She felt excited about supporting families from the beginning in a good, comfortable setting. She was then trained as a midwife, but didn’t want the unpredictable schedule of one, because she had a young son. So, she went to massage school at Whatcom to become a massage therapist until she could be a midwife. Her son is now 15 years old, but Traci found that she was passionate about massage. “Right now, this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing,” Traci said.

Since she was a little girl, Traci always wanted to own her own business. In 2004, she started her massage practice as an individual private practice under the name Traci Soriano, LMP, and changed her name to Veritas Massage in 2010. One of her midwifery teachers ceremoniously gave each student a name that represents what she sees in the student at the end of the class. Veritas, or truth, was part of Traci’s gifted name. When deciding on the name of her practice, she wanted something that would encompass a variety of massage therapists and that was unique, so she knew Veritas should be the name.

Traci really enjoys the individual situations she sees at her practice. She pays close attention to what each person’s needs and feelings, and creates a session around it. When clients are open and willing to explore, Traci is able to cater to their needs, perfectly. Her main goal is that when people walk out of Veritas, they are thinking, “Now that person understood my body and all my needs were met.”

Find healing, wellness and peace at the Commercial Street Night Market and at 1229 Cornwall Ave, Suite 209

Today's post was written by Kristin Foster, Media Intern.