April Safety & Security Meeting

*Photo from cob.org.

We at the Partnership hear you. When you call us, email us, send us a carrier pigeon, we hear you. We write down your comment or question, and work tirelessly behind the scenes to try and find you an answer. There are times when we automatically know the answer, but then there are times when we don't. What we do know is where to get the information, and who has the right answer for you. 

Above all else, you can rest assured we won't stop until you get the answers you need. One of the comments we have heard at an increasing rate is the community's concern about safety downtown. In order to combat this and empower our community, we have started the Safety and Security Meetings. These monthly meetings are open to anyone who works or lives downtown,and will have rotating guest speakers and topics. At our first meeting on April 12, we highlighted two resources you need right now:

Trespass Forms

When you're away from your business, the police cannot trespass someone from your property. In order to remove an individual, the police must first connect with you and ask your permission. However they understand that you can't be reached at any given time, and have a resource called the Trespass Form that businesses can fill out to allow the police to trespass certain individuals at any given time. For example, say you have a particular person who frequents your business during business hours that you want removed at all times, and your neighboring business (who is open later than you) knows this. If you have this form on file, this means that your neighbor can call the police on your behalf at any time to report the unwanted individual and have them trespassed. To get this form for your business, email Officer Eric Osterkcamp at eosterkamp@cob.org and he will personally come by and connect with you to make this happen.

Non-Emergency Numbers

There are times when you witness something, and you know that 911 is not the appropriate number since it's not necessarily an emergency, but you also know you need to call someone for assistance or guidance. For a general non-emergency, you can call 360.676.6911. These dispatchers will help you get the solution you need. There is also a new resource from the Opportunity Council called the Homeless Outreach Team, who you can call if someone is sleeping in your doorway,  you notice a need for services, or have a general question about available resources for the homeless community downtown. Their number is 360.312.3717, and they can even come to your business to speak with you in person.

We will keep the community updated on available resources, and keep you informed to what you can do. Have a question? Email us at info@downtownbellingham.com, and we promise we will help you however we can. Our next Safety and Security Meeting is on May 10 at 8am at Backcountry Essentials at 214 W Holly Street.