June Morning Jam with Andy Phillips

This Wednesday is our June installment of our monthly creative lecture series, Morning Jam. Hosted by the Pickford Film Center and sponsored by Avenue Bread, Bow Hill Blueberries, and Black Drop Coffeehouse, we're excited to bring you community members who are at the top of their field and can inspire you to be more creative in your own profession.

This month we're excited to have Andy Phillips as our speaker. Andy is the owner of Black Fin Design and Fabrication, a company he founded in 2008 that specializes in aluminum and steel fabrications, but with a creative flair. You've definitely seen his work around town--Wander Brewing, Elizabeth Station, Kulshan Brewery, EAT Restaurant, and many others have Andy's fine work on display. 

Andy has been in welding for seventeen years and has worked with a variety of mediums in his work. "The structural properties of the materials themselves [allows] me to create objects of lasting value and function that enhance people's lives," said Andy about what draws him to his work. "Also that welding could provide a practical blue collar carrer while exploring it as an artistic medium." 

We love seeing a connection between form and function, art and life. This is why we started Morning Jam, to show that everyone can be artistic and creative in every aspect of life. Andy brings this mentality to his work in order to produce unique projects for his clients. "My work is to resolve my client's goals by bringing solid, creative solutions to areas where comfort and functionality can be maximized while also enhancing the setting in a way that feels cohesive throughout." This Wednesday Andy will be talking about how he inserts creativity into his work, and how he's growing his business (spoiler alert--one way is he's developing a furniture concepts into a line that's ready for gallery clientele). 

As always, Morning Jam is free but does require registration. Visit here to sign up and come on Wednesday to learn about how artistic creativity can be part of your every day life and work.