Vendor Spotlight: Jessica Mucha Art

Jessica Mucha Art

Why Bellingham? I attended high school in Bellingham and left here when I was 18 to move to Europe to pursue a childhood dream where I established a new home in Poland and France for 9 years. I moved back to Bellingham when I was 27 to see my family and reassess my life. I was planning on moving back to France when I met the man of my dreams in Bellingham and I’ve been in here for 6 years now and I’ve been on a mission to make Bellingham the best place in the world to live in. Bellingham has a lot of amazing and talented people and I know that with collaborative effort we can transform Bellingham to a vibrant and thriving city. I designed a poster touting how cool Bellingham is which will be available at my booth during the Night Market.

Favorite shop downtown? Penny Lane Antique Mall. The young lady who owns Penny Lane is a dear friend of mine. She has inspired me through my teenage years and I really admire her courage for designing a life according to her. Not only is the owner awesome but her store has fun vintage treasures. 

Our Commercial Street Night Market is known for having vendors you won't see anywhere else. The September edition of this popular event continues that tradition, with unique vendors, entertainment, and dining for you to enjoy. One of those you'll be able to peruse through and be enchanted by is Jessica Mucha Art

Jessica first got involved with the DBP by attending our monthly Morning JAM lectures, and she recently launched her popular Bellingham poster that hangs in the window of our office. While Jessica may seem new to the Bellingham art scene, she's actually been an artist for years. "Showing my art work freaks me out," said Jessica. "I’ve been a closet artist for decades and was heart-broken when I mysteriously lost my best works from art school back in France in 2009. After losing my favorite pieces I swore off making art for a few years but I couldn’t shake it off." 

But like a true artist, Jessica decided to come back to her art. "At the beginning of 2016 I made a pledge to myself to challenge myself to do the very things that scare me," she said. "I believe that we are all put on this earth for a reason, and that each and every one of us has a special gift to share with the world." Even though Jessica is scared to share her work with the world, she has been true to her word and started showing her art this year online via Instagram and now at Night Market. "I really enjoy the vibe of the Night Markets I've attended. I believe that the Night Market will be a fun and an interesting way to show my work."

"I have a hashtag I've been using on Instagram, it's #liveyourtrueessence," said Jessica. "I want to bring out my true essence in everyone I meet and what better way to do that than living mine." 

Jessica and her art will be at this Friday's Commercial Street Night Market, starting at 6pm and going until 10pm.