A Haven for Wellness--8 Petals Yoga Studio

Studio Manager: Susan D’Onofrio

Why Bellingham? “Bellingham is a great place for a yoga business because so many people who live here do so because of their enjoyment of the outdoors. Yoga is a great compliment to all of these activities and a great way to stay healthy all year round.”

Favorite shop downtown? Why? I love downtown Bellingham! There are so many great shops; I could not choose a favorite. There are wonderful places to buy clothes, gifts, shoes and consignment items. And delicious restaurants too!”

In the former home of a Mexican restaurant lies a peaceful sanctuary at the heart of downtown. Nestled into a renovated suite on the building’s second floor, 8 Petals Yoga offers a more intimate class setting compared to other studios. The small classes allow for more individual attention to their students while maintaining a non-competitive atmosphere that welcomes any level of experience.

The studio has been in operation for almost a decade after restorations by real estate developers Ken and Amy Mann. Formerly La Pinata, it’s since been revamped to include its current residents Uisce’s Irish Pub, Brandywine Kitchen and 8 Petals Yoga.

8 Petals Yoga derives their name from the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, an ancient text describing the eight limbs of the practice. Yoga guru B.K.S. Iyengar often refers to these appendages as petals in his work to demonstrate the overlapping aspects that flow out from the center, rather than a linear methodology.

“Simply put, 8 Petals Yoga refers to the whole dimensionality of yoga, from the practice of asana (postures), to the innermost and meditative aspects,” Susan said.

Susan has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 30 years, and focuses her work on Anusara Yoga. Its positive philosophy of seeing the good in everything is more inclusive and welcoming to all levels of experience. Her outlook is to see yoga as less of a goal-oriented practice, but instead a process that provides benefits along each step of the way both physically and mentally.

“It is a wonderful way to balance emotions and the effects of seasonal ‘blues’, which affect many people during the Northwest winters,” she said

The variety in style is vast between the eight different independent instructors at 8 Petals Yoga, but each aim to achieve a common goal that is “ancient and timeless,” Susan said. It is an invitation to reflect, and find more peace within through the meditative practices.

Visit 1317 Commercial Street Suite 203 to join one of the many classes offered at 8 Petals Yoga.

Today's blog post was written by Marketing Intern Ashley Conradi.