He's Got Your Back--Ascend Chiropractic

Ascend Chiropractic

Owner: Michael Motel DC

Why Bellingham? "When we decided to relocated to the west coast, my fiancee and I were instantly attracted to the outdoor opportunities in Bellingham, but after we came to visit we really loved the small town feel--even with a relatively large population. Bellingham is very unique, there are not too many places that have the ocean and the mountains so close to the city. Bellingham's location between Vancouver and Seattle also provides the big city activities within a short drive. Having the opportunity to ski Mount Baker in the winter and rock climb in Squamish all summer makes this place perfect for me. We've lived all over the country and are happy to call Bellingham home."

Favorite spot? "Homeskillet! We love breakfast. When we go out to eat it's mostly for breakfast. Homeskillet's food is fantastic and their staff are a lot of fun. Other than breakfast, Aslan Brewery is my favorite place to hang out and have a few great beers. 

Michael Motel is the owner and chiropractor of downtown's newest practice, Ascend Chiropractic over at 1409 Cornwall Avenue. A recent transplant to Bellingham, Michael was immediately drawn to opening his business downtown. "When we came to visit we noticed so many people walking around downtown. People here seem to really care about the downtown community," said Michael. "It also allows for the office to be a part of Art Walk and all the other unique downtown opportunities that support the community."

Ascend Chiropractic adheres to the Gonstead System of care. The Gonstead System finds and corrects misaligned vertebrae that cause nerve interference called subluxations. Since the nervous system controls every cell, organ, and tissue in the body, these subluxations can cause many symptoms like headaches, pain, vertigo, anxiety, etc. Ascend begins their system with a thorough analysis of the spine using five distinct criteria to analyze for signs of vertebral subluxation: Motion Palpation, Visualization, Nervoscope, Static Palpation, and X-Rays.

"This system is specific to finding and adjusting the cause of underlying problems, not chasing the symptoms," said Michael. "The Gonstead System is acknowledged as one of the safest systems of evaluating and caring for the spine."

Already since they've been downtown, Ascend Chiropractic have become a major part of our events and community. They've been a venue for numerous Art Walks, and tonight will be a vendor at the Commercial Street Night Market. "I have done the Art Walk for several months now and have really enjoyed the experience. Since we are still new to town, it's always very nice to meet more people in the community, and who doesn't like to listen to live music?" 

It's no secret that I'm a big dog lover, so when I saw a pup in Michael's window, I had to ask about his dogs. He and his fiancee have three dogs, all named after breakfast foods--Pancake (Border-Collie), Link (Irish Wolfhound), and Benedict (Alaskan Malamute). "[Benedict] only has three legs, but that does not stop him from hiking or doing anything else really. They are a fun group and spend a lot of time at the office." 

Make sure to visit Michael's booth tonight, or visit his practice at 1409 Cornwall Avenue for quality care. "We are very grateful to have found this wonderful town and community, and look forward to serving the community for a long time and helping to create a healthier Bellingham!"