Art Walk Spotlight--Fourth Corner Frames

Art Walk Venue: Fourth Corner Frames

Owner: Sheri Wright

In 2014, one of our very own downtown businesses won a national event. Under the ownership of Sheri Wright, Fourth Corner Frames was the winner of Picture Framing Magazine’s Tru Vue Makeover. As a reward, the gallery in the store was remodeled in a complete makeover, making it an even better venue for the Art Walk. Although ownership has changed hands, Fourth Corner Frames has been home to skilled custom framers and a gallery to display equally talented artists since 1973. Sheri, the current owner, has consistently been a part of Art Walk almost every single time since she could participate.

Sheri moved to Bellingham in 1996, when she picked the city out on a map because she needed an ocean nearby. She had owned her own gallery since the 70s, and wanted that experience again, so she took over ownership of Fourth Corner Frames in March 2001.

It is obvious to anyone who talks with her that custom framing truly is Sheri’s passion. She loves working with her hands and creating all sorts of stunning frames for customers. She delights in interacting with people and traveling vicariously through the art that comes through the store. She also enjoys seeing different cultures represented in the art.

Although her primary focus is on custom framing, Sheri is also in charge of the gallery in the store. She participates in the Art Walk regularly, especially since the gallery was remodeled. The publicity she got from the award motivates her to maintain the momentum and keep her business’s name out there. Bellingham has such a prominent arts community, so Sheri wants to make sure she provides a collector outlet where she can showcase artists and people can buy art.

The art featured in Fourth Corner Frames is varied from month to month, but is always created by regional artists. Sheri believes it’s good for the community to have a place to go downtown and see different styles of art. She likes to encourage artists to step out of their comfort zones and support them with a venue to show their art. Most people don’t have a lot to custom frame, so the Art Walk is a great way to show people what is possible. Sheri also sees it as an educational event - people see what is new, get ideas, ask questions and often come back later.

Stop in at 311 W Holly St. during the next Art Walk!

Today's post was written by Kristin Foster, Media Intern.