CSNM Vendor Spotlight--Iron Street Printing

Iron Street Printing

Owner: John Bunn; General Manager: Jordan Bates

Why Bellingham? “There are a lot of artists and local businesses in Bellingham. Everyone likes to buy local and is locally oriented. We all grew up here and are outdoorsy, so it’s great. It’s a cool community - I can’t think of any other place I would want to be.”

Favorite shop downtown? "Novato and Gruff Brewing, which will be opening this year."

Here are the Partnership, we are always needing shirts for our events, and we're excited to showcase our go-to vendor Iron Street Printing. John Bunn originally came up with the idea for starting a business. and Jordan Bates, Tyler Robinson and Robby Andersen were on board from the beginning. Charlie Bailey became part of the business venture later on. Jordan came home one day to find a press in the garage that John had bought in Seattle. The new business partners did their first print in the garage and officially became a business in 2010.

Horseshoe Cafe was their first real client and from there, the business expanded quickly to outgrow the garage. After 9 months, they moved to their original location on Iron Street. They couldn’t decide on a name, so they went with their location, and it stuck. In search of an even larger space, they moved to their current location on North Forest Street in June last year.

Six months of renovations went into their new spot to make for the perfect space. With two manual presses and an automatic press, Iron Street Printing offers screen printing on a variety of items such as shirts, sweatshirts, koozies and hats. They can also make stickers, wood plaques, and work with other companies for embroidery. Whether you have just a sketch on a napkin or have a full-fledged design in an Illustrator file, John and his team will work to create exactly what you envision.

Quality has been crucial from the start at Iron Street Printing. Jordan really prides himself on the fact that they will all go the extra mile in order to make sure everything is correct and clients are satisfied. The guys are always checking out new companies and try to stay on top of their game to ensure they can provide clients with the best quality materials.

Jordan really enjoys how they get the opportunity to work with some really talented artists and people. They recently had Seattle Seahawks lineman Justin Britt in the shop since Iron Street Printing is printing the shirts for his football camp and personal clothing line. One of their “crowned jewels” was getting to print shirts for Mount Baker. The guys at Iron Street also love working with local businesses to make quality products.

The Iron Street Printing booth will be adding to the variety at the Commercial Street Night Market this year. They’re certainly not newcomers to the event, as they were vendors at all the night markets last year. They will be doing live hat pressing at their booth of a surprise design, so it will definitely be something to check out! The booth will also have pre-printed shirts and will be a great opportunity to meet the guys behind the name Iron Street Printing. They are hoping to have a lot of interaction with the community and show off what they do and how they do it at Iron Street Printing. “It’ll be a really fun night to meet new people and support local artists and businesses,” Jordan said.

Find Iron Street Printing at the Commercial Street Night Market on June 3 and at 1421 N Forest St.

Today's post was written by Kristin Foster, Media Intern.