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Judd & Black Appliances

Marketing Director: Rachael Sylte

Why Bellingham? “It’s got a small town feel, but a ton of culture. Great arts, great theaters, great restaurants. It’s got a great economy and we’re happy to be a part of that.”

What is your favorite shop downtown? Why? “You can’t go wrong with Casa [Que Pasa]. Good food, good drinks, cheap. I love the vibe there.”

Back in 1940, Judd & Black was just a modest electric company in Everett. Seventy-five years and three generations later, it now boasts six locations with grand showrooms and a professionally trained technician staff. After the original owners Wayne Judd and Don Black sold the company to longtime employee Bob Long Sr. in 1976, it’s been in the family ever since.

The company prides itself on keeping those family values apparent, marketing director Rachael Sylte said. “We don’t stay open very late because we want people to be able to go home to their families.”

Like many local Bellingham businesses, their mission is to be a “community-minded neighbor.” Rachael says she enjoys working for a company with this mindset, and gives her opportunity to coordinate local involvement.

“Being able to decide where our donation dollars are going, I find that very fulfilling,” she said. She aims to not only represent the company positively, but also get them to be part of the communities they serve in as many ways as possible.

While she works out of the Mt. Vernon location, she’s been a resident of Bellingham for nearly 11 years. “I love love love Bellingham with all of my heart,” she said. She says when the company was looking to expand; they found an opportunity to move to town after longtime Lehmann’s Appliance owner approached them.

“It was just a no-brainer to come up, it’s got a great economy and we’re happy to be a part of that,” Rachael said. Judd & Black has been in operation for almost three years now, and continues to thrive on embodying professional service for household appliance staples. They’re highly rated for being one of the most qualified, but personable when it comes to serving Bellingham and their surrounding locations in Snohomish and Skagit Counties. Judd & Black are proud sponsors of this year's Downtown Sounds, and we are grateful to have their support to keep bringing live music to our community!

Head to 2001 James Street for any of your appliance needs. 

Today's post was written by Marketing Intern Ashley Conradi.