Shattering the Standard--Mothership Glass

Mothership Glass

Owners: Jake Colito and Scott Deppe

Why Bellingham? Jake: “Because it’s beautiful here. The atmosphere, people are cool, and I enjoy the energy. That all works well with our business, it just works here.”

 Favorite shop downtown? Why? Jake: “Bayou on Bay. The patio view when the sun is setting is always spectacular, and they have an amazing pulled pork sandwich!”

Secluded from the public eye in a securely gated warehouse, Mothership Glass headquarters carries a certain aura of illusiveness. Owner Jake Colito jokes that it adds to the fun of building hype for customers and fans by remaining behind the velvet curtain.

Mothership may seem like a modest business with just around 45 employees, but in their three years of operation they have boomed into a multi-million dollar company. The glass industry is largely fueled by the cannabis industry, and as recreational use booms Mothership has capitalized on the demand and achieved great success.

“Our mission is to create the highest quality, best functioning glass in the world,” Jake said. Their website and social media depict a similar motto: elite, functional, scientific art. To consistently meet this goal, Mothership utilizes top-notch materials each step of the way. From their elaborate design packaging to the powerful flaming lathes, each piece is carefully worked to perfection. Jake said their “ridiculously high standards” are what drive their product quality.

The artistic intricacy of their pieces, which sell anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000 on average, craft a sophistication that counters the typical stigma of cannabis smoking devices.  “We’re very much about the form and beauty of it, but function comes first,” Jake said.

He commends fellow owner Scott Deppe as the “glass god.” Scott has built a high reputation in the trade, having worked in the glass industry nearly 15 years. Jake previously lived in Tacoma, and first connected with Scott online while searching for a glass manufacturer he could collaborate with.

He came across Nebula Glass Studios, a Bellingham wholesale shop owned by Scott that portrayed the same sort of otherworldly theme. When they decided to open up their own shop together, Jake said it was “hellish” to get the ball rolling. “No shop had done this yet, so we couldn’t build by the book because there was no book to go by,” Jake said.

The lack of regulations made their business a trailblazer, but any obstacles that haltered their progress have been far overcome. Jake said they have seen immense growth in their business in the last few years that has allowed them both commercial success and opportunity to sponsor events like Downtown Sounds. We are grateful to have Mothership Glass on board this year to help bring you live music downtown for the 12th year in a row!

To see some of Scott and Jake’s exquisite work, visit their website at

Today's post was written by Marketing Intern Ashley Conradi.