CSNM Vendor Spotlight--Pozie by Natalie

Pozie by Natalie

Owner: Natalie Ransom

Why Bellingham? “Bellingham is amazing in the sense of community. Everyone supports each other; it’s camaraderie, not competition. Bellingham is gorgeous and I love the diversity of not only the flora and fauna, but the culture, music and art. There’s so much here, but it still feels homey.”

Favorite shop downtown? “There are so many! Just a few of my favorites are The Bureau, Mi Shoes, Sojourn, Cafe Torre, Culture Cafe, Novato, Fringe, Spruce. I’m such a shopper. I love food and cute things!”

Anyone and everyone should be sure to check out Pozie by Natalie’s booth at the Commercial Street Night Market. Whether you like flowers, are in search of the perfect gift, need a bouquet, want a terrarium or just enjoy pretty things, you’ll be sure to find something you like. Owner of Pozie, Natalie, loved attending the Night Markets last year, but this month will be her first time as a vendor.

The vibrant feel of the Night Market draws Natalie to the event and she likes seeing spaces transformed for a bit before going back to normal. She is excited to be a vendor and can’t wait to see what other intriguing booths people set up. In her booth, Natalie will offer a really unique and interesting selection of bouquets, air plants, succulents and terrariums. She will also have a mixture of flowers and plants people can mix and match to create something of the size and variety they desire.

Natalie has been surrounded by flowers her entire life. She grew up on a farm in Michigan where she and her dad would forage for plants and flowers. They would arrange them into bouquets and take them to the farmer’s market. She has worked in business-type jobs, but they didn’t make her too excited or happy, so she decided to combine her knowledge of business and flowers. Pozie by Natalie officially became her business in April 2015.

The fact that flowers mean so much to people really piques Natalie’s curiosity. She enjoys being involved in peoples’ special occasions. She thrives off of people’s excitement and loves making people happy through flowers. Some of her favorite moments are when brides tear up or cry from happiness when they see their bridal bouquets. It makes Natalie feel good to create exactly what people asked for. Pozie by Natalie doesn’t have a storefront, but Natalie likes being mobile. People can call on her for any need relating to flowers. Clients will come to her, trying to describe what they want in strange adjectives and hand gestures, and she does her best to make their wishes come to life.

Natalie strives to support the community in Bellingham. She feels there is a strong sense of camaraderie, rather than competition, here.  Whenever possible, she buys her flowers from local farmers. Because of the climate and conditions in the area, there is a huge abundance of beautiful flora and fauna. If she can’t find what she needs locally, she goes regionally, buying from British Columbia or Seattle.

Be sure to check out Natalie’s booth at the Commercial Street Night Market for some unique gifts and fun flowers and plants! You’ll be sure to find things you wouldn’t expect - like a Marimo moss ball, the “love plant,” artfully arranged in a light bulb.

Today's post was written by Kristin Foster, Media Intern.