Put a Ring on It--Pozie by Natalie

Here at the DBP, we are movers and shakers. Every day is different, with new ideas and events always motivating us to push ourselves. This is why we love Natalie Ransom. She's a mover and a shaker in Bellingham, with her business Pozie by Natalie blowing up in its first year. Natalie has always loved flowers, and in April of 2015 she made it official. 

In just the last year, Natalie has worked with many local businesses for their events and for cross-promotion collaborations. At Lydia Place's "Over the Rainbow" benefit dinner, Natalie made all of the beautiful centerpieces. She sells many of her creations at The Bureau of Historical Investigation, and even did a flower crown workshop at Spruce. And if you follow Natalie on Instagram, you'll see that she recently collaborated with luxury makeup line butter LONDON for their spring campaign. "I have been a fan of butter LONDON and their posh salons for as long as I can remember," said Natalie. "It was so much fun. I hope for more collaborations with them in the future." She has some exciting photoshoots coming up that she's under lock and key and can't divulge, but knowing Natalie they'll be huge. "I always love collaborations with local businesses."

Natalie's work ranges from bridal to events to jewelry, and more. "I really enjoy the variety that my work provides," said Natalie. "I really love talking to a client and turning their vision into a reality." This Friday will be her second time vending at our Commercial Street Night Market, and attendees can expect to see succulent jewelry, succulent terrariums, moss ball terrariums, fresh cut flowers, and local lavender. 

You would think that someone who works with flowers all day long would have favorites, but in fact when asked Natalie pleaded the fifth. We won't fault her for that, as she's absolutely right--"We are so lucky to live in an area with such abundance. I am blown away by the beautiful things that my farmer flower friends grow." We can all agree that living in the Pacific Northwest provides us with some incredible agriculture and greenery, and we are thrilled Natalie is taking advantage of every season and always creating new and seasonal creations.

Make sure to stop by the Pozie by Natalie booth at Friday's Commercial Street Night Market!