July Morning JAM--Interview with Salt, Pepper, Oil

This Wednesday, we're hosting our July installment of our creative mornings lecture series Morning JAM with guest lecturer Oleg Vetkov, owner of Salt, Pepper, Oil. Salt, Pepper, Oil is part of the new food revolution where delicious and healthy ingredients are delivered directly to you, recipe included. For those of us who lead busy lives but don't want to sacrifice taste and health, this is a great way to stay on top of your healthy eating habits. 

We're excited to have Oleg share his passion for food and talk about his innovative business model at this month's JAM. To get you just as excited as we are, we interviewed Oleg about Salt, Pepper, Oil's history, as well as his own culinary journey. Read on to learn more about Oleg:

Why culinary?

I just loved it, the creation. I loved to mix together the leftover scrapes of my school lunches, so if I could get paid to mix together ingredients for a living, that's winning! Now I get to make meals, from scratch.

Where are some places that you've worked previously?

Started at Il Caffe Rifugio on the Mount Baker Highway because no one in town wanted to take on a 16 year old. Then worked at Pasta'zza before they closed as dishwasher and prep, then Scotty Browns. Trained as a chef's apprentice at Hotel Imperator in Nimes, France, then spent 3 years at Canlis working both in the kitchen and dining room. 

What is the mission of SPO?

The mission of SPO is to optimize cooking for every person, providing meals prepared from scratch that cook up in about 15 minutes utilizing the best quality local and organic ingredients.

What was the driving force behind SPO? Why did you start this sort of business model?

The driving force behind SPO is to save people time by optimizing meals at home and give chefs and cooks some much needed life time back. As I worked through the restaurant industry I saw a lot of passion to create and explore food to the fullest; but correlated was very little lifestyle. Working 10-14 hour days there wasn't a lot of time for anything else. What I want to be able to do with SPO is reward the chefs and cooks (with future expansion), that love to cook but also want a little bit of life to enjoy. The hope is that we can create, prep, and optimize your cooking at home and do what we love by bringing you the best quality product at its peak freshness, and can still be able to have the evenings to see our families.

Learn more about Salt, Pepper, Oil and Oleg's journey at the July 20 Morning JAM. This event is free, but does require pre-registration. Sign up here