Vendor Spotlight: Wander

Owners: Cara Sorenson and Sara Hill

Why Bellingham? "Why NOT Bellingham!! It's our hometown and our favorite place to be (Sara grew up here and I moved here in 1996 for college)."

Favorite shop downtown? "Sara and I both love Sojourn for clothes and Ormolulu for eye candy!!! Amazing vintage goodness."

At the Commercial Street Night Market, you'll find unique, individual, and carefully curated vendors that you won't see anywhere else. One of those vendors is Wander, a vintage furniture business run by two fierce women, Cara and Sara, with a passion for vintage. Wander is a quickly growing business, starting just last year over drinks at Temple Bar. "It's bee a wild ride," said co-owner Cara. "We went to Farm Chicks [nationally-recognized antique show in Spokane] last year and both independently started thinking about selling vintage goods. One night at Temple Bar we realized we were on the same page and began to make a plan."

It took only two months for this idea over drinks to become a reality and for Wander to be accepted into their first show. Since vintage markets are juried, this was a major honor and inspiration to keep at it. And then, just two months later, they were accepted into Farm Chicks as a vendor. "Since then we have been invited to around two dozen markets. It's been fast and furious and we are so pleased with the recognition we have been receiving in the vintage community."

Besides selling their goods, Wander will be soon launching a rental side of their business. Have a wedding or a party you're throwing, and you want a bit of vintage flair? You'll be able to rent unique, one-of-a-kind pieces to have at your event and give all of your guests Pinterest envy. The "Girls of Wander" can even help you style your event, offering their services to help you have your dream become reality.

"Our inspiration is to be creative!" said Cara. "To take items that have a story and a history and breath new life into them. To showcase them in a new and modern way." Feeling a sense of place is so important, especially in one's home environment, and it's a breathe of fresh air to have a business dedicated to helping their clients see the beauty in their surroundings and how to mold it to themselves. "Mixing things together in ways you wouldn't expect to create a unique feeling or vibe. [We love] helping people to express themselves through their surroundings."

Launching at this Friday's Night Market is their new t-shirt line, which is sure to be as stylish and unique as their furniture pieces. Make sure to visit their website and visit their booth between 6 and 10pm on Commercial Street.