Hatch – Vacancy to Vitality

Hatch is a program of the Downtown Bellingham Partnership that aims to find the right tenant for the right vacancy through community outreach and market analysis. Hatch has taken many forms in the past, including a business incubator, event center, and a place for creatives to work. 

In its third iteration, Hatch takes the form of a sign that represents entrepreneurship and opportunity. Wherever you see a sign, that is an opportunity.

This is how it works:

Step 1: Find a sign
Step 2: Visit www.downtownbellingham.com/hatch and submit your idea for that location.
Step 3: We will gather all of the answers and if we notice a trend, we will work with the property manager to seek out a business that fits the space and the idea. 

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Check out the videos below to see what some of our other projects looked like!