"Commitment to your craft; Commitment to your community."

At the Downtown Bellingham Partnership, we work to improve our local community and economy through inspiring individuals and businesses to think outside the box and push themselves. This is where Morning Jam comes in. A monthly creative lecture series, each month features a different speaker at the top of their creative field who discusses their profession, what inspires them, and what drives them. 

Morning Jams are on the third Wednesday of every month at 7:30am and free to the public. We have toast, jam, coffee, and bring you folks from within our community who are committed to what they do. These fine people tell their stories and show us how design has influenced their trade.

Thank you to the Pickford Film Center, Avenue Bread, Bow Hill Blueberries, and The Black Drop Coffeehouse for their generous donations to this program. 

November JAM: Lenny Moore

November 16 | Downtown Bellingham Partnership HQ | 7:30am

Although his inspirations and ideas come from a wide variety of subjects (Math, language,neuroscience, astrophysics, biology, perception/senses, Art/music/poetry, philosophy, natural behavior patterns.) Lenny Moore spends the majority of his free time drifting off into an area of mathematics called number theory.

After graduating with a Fine Arts degree in 2014, he began working on a long-term project. This project is a new design for the language of numbers. He considers it to be a kind of an exploration/discovery process: "all patterns already exist in nature, I’m just trying to find ways to make them perceivable to people." 

Lenny did a TEDx talk encompassing the early stages of his work in April of 2016, where he will briefly go over these early stages, and then present some of his newer developments.  Join us for the November Morning Jam to hear more about Lenny's work.

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