Bellingham is rooted at the foot of Mount Baker and at the edge of Bellingham Bay, framing
the city in the most beautiful landscape in Western Washington. Named the snobbiest beer
city in America and home to the second highest arts businesses per capita in the country, 
Bellingham is the ultimate weekend getaway for recreation, beer, and arts enthusiasts. 

Downtown is the heart of Bellingham and the epicenter of Whatcom County.
Explore and learn more about what our district has to offer and plan your next
trip to the Pacific Northwest's most diverse and unique city.




This website is run by the Downtown Bellingham Partnership, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to uniting the diverse interests of our downtown. We bridge the gaps between visitors, businesses, residents, public and private sectors, and so much more. Our office sponsors major events to build community in downtown Bellingham and maintain our vibrant and unique culture.