Parking is FREE on the top and bottom floors of the Commercial Street Parking Garage the entire month of December!  

All day, everyday, this December.  Simply drive in, park and relax knowing there's no charge!  Courtesy of the City of Bellingham.


  • Cars must be parked on the bottom floor or the top (rooftop) floor of the garage for free parking.
  • The 2nd-4th floor of the garage are permit-parking only and are not free for parking.
  • All vehicles must obey posted signs, including Disabled Space restrictions, etc.


Parking downtown is convenient and offers easy-to-use pay stations and meters. Street parking is $0.75/hour and requires U.S. coins. Most meters have a 2-hour limit (check the meter time restrictions, which are posted on each meter).

Street parking is free after 5:00 pm, weekends and holidays.

Downtown Bellingham Parking = City-Owned Parking
Downtown Bellingham Parking = Privately-Owned Parking

For longer stays and off-street parking, the first floor of the Commercial Street Parking Garage at 1300 Commercial Street is $6.00 for a full day of parking. Hourly parking is $0.75/hour. U.S coins & cash and credit cards/debit cards are accepted at the parking garage pay stations. Parking is free on all floors after 5:00 pm, weekends and holidays.

The Commercial Street Parking Garage is within 2-4 blocks of most downtown restaurants, shops and services.

Information on parking in Downtown Bellingham can be found by contacting Parking Services. For details on privately-owned lots, contact information can be found at the lot locations.

Additionally, Downtown Bellingham features a handful of 8 hour parking spots that are $0.25/hr. Click here for the map. 

Other helpful sites:

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